The McCall Homes Story

The McCall Homes Story

The Community Vision that Became a Reality

Our Mission: Empower people. Build community.

Growing up in the family business means seeing the successes and the heartbreaks firsthand. Some children choose to attend college and forge their own paths. Others make the decision to return to the family business and continue the legacy. This is true for the McCall children—Greg, Brad, and Carolee.  

The McCalls have worked together their entire lives and have been involved in multiple companies - McCall Pools, McCall Homes, and McCall Development Inc., to name a few. In the beginning, Jim owned McCall Pools from 1981-1996 with all three children helping in the business while growing up - stocking shelves, doing water tests, spa sales, running the pool maintenance route, and even pool construction. The work didn’t end when the holidays or summer season arrived, as the McCalls would return from college to work together as a family. Their dad exhibited his love through the work they did together and the bonds they forged through a shared mission and working side-by-side, building trust and love. 

In 1993, Jim McCall left the pool business to become a home builder and developer. After his three children—civic-minded Greg, ever-curious Brad and erudite Carolee—grew up and graduated college, they joined him one by one. Though Jim retired in 2007, another generation joined the family business in 2021-  Abigail McCall Mitchell, Greg’s daughter. After gaining some experience building homes in a growing subdivision on the west end of Billings, MT, the McCalls all felt a driving need to create something meaningful and unique. Quality homes were always a given, but what about a development designed to be not just a neighborhood, but a community where families could grow and truly be involved with their neighbors? Decades later, this vision is stronger than ever, as the McCall family continues to promote their mission statement each and every day in their newest community, Annafeld and now expanding across Montana to bring the community vision to more areas. 

Building a community where each home is more than just a living space—it's a cornerstone for fostering connections, creating a vibrant neighborhood, and nurturing relationships one neighbor at a time is the heart behind each new home. 

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