McCall Homes

The McCall Homes Story

The McCall Homes Story

The Unlikely Vision that Became a Reality

Our Mission: Empower people. Build community.

In 1993, Jim McCall left the pool business to become a home builder and developer. After his three children—civic-minded Greg, ever-curious Brad and erudite Carolee—grew up and graduated college, they joined him one by one. After gaining some experience building homes in a growing subdivision on the west end of Billings, MT, the McCalls all felt a driving need to create something meaningful and unique. Quality homes were always a given, but what about a development designed to be not just a neighborhood, but a community where families could grow and truly be involved with their neighbors?

Decades later, this vision is stronger than ever, as the McCall family continues to promote their mission statement each and every day in their newest community, Annafeld.

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