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If you're looking for a place in Billings to settle start a family.....or to enjoy a simpler life after raising your family, consider Annafeld.
Much more than a subdivision, Annafeld is a neighborhood—a community inspired by those from the good 'ol days. 

We understand that there are a lot of questions that can arise when considering a new home purchase. To help steer you in the right direction, we have curated a list of common questions about our community below!


    Does McCall Homes carry the construction loan in Annafeld?

    Yes! Our lender allows us to carry the construction loan. What we require is a 2% deposit of the total amount of the homes base price, lot and structural options. We also require a deposit based on a tiered system for all non-structural upgrades. The only other item we need is a pre-qualification letter or proof of funds from a financial institution. These deposits are applied to your homes downpayment upon closing.

    Is there an SID in Annafeld?

    Yes, McCall Development utilized a Special Improvement District Tax to create up front capital for improvements such as street lights for the neighborhood. Each phase of Annafeld has its own SID, which is a 15 year note. Once the 15 year note is paid off, this tax will fall off your property’s taxes. The tax amount is based on your property square footage size. Please inquire on how to calculate this cost.

    Does Annafeld utilize active/passive yard designs?

    Yes, we do utilize active/passive yards. What this means is that your neighbor to the side in which your patio is located, will be granting you an easement. This allows you to take your usable yard all the way up to your neighbors home. On the passive side, or non-patio side, you will be granting an easement to your neighbor, which allows their usable yard space to go up against that corresponding side of your home.

    Does Annafeld utilize an HOA?

    Yes, McCall Homes does utilize an HOA. This HOA covers a variety of items depending on your property type. There are 3 different property types in Annafeld; Single Family, Townhomes, and Investment properties. With our Single Family product the HOA will cover snow removal on sidewalks of common parks, community events & a membership into the general assembly. Our Townhouse product the HOA will cover a studs out insurance policy, lawn care & snow removal. Investment properties vary on what is included, as there are several different Investment Property types.

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