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So,  you’ve reserved your lot and made an appointment with the Design Team. You’ve pinned every inspirational photo you can find on your Pinterest Board, and read ALL of the latest Studio McGee Blogs in order to be prepared. (We totally get it.. we do this too!) Before we get started with getting all of your ideas down on paper, we need to lead with telling you who we are and what our process entails. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind before you begin your journey.

    We are a Portfolio Builder, NOT a Custom Home Builder. This means that we have a portfolio of pre-determined plans, elevations, additions, expansions, layouts, finishes and features that we offer. We know that not every layout works for each individual person/family so we have created these options to help you find your best match.  

    Each option ensures the best functionality, style and use of space in your home. 

    Personalization is what we do to make your home “one of a kind.”  We allow you to personalize your home by choosing from our large variety of included and upgraded  finishes. From flooring and cabinets to lighting and paint - we help you set yourself apart by curating color pallets that reflect your own style and preferences.

    You probably chose to build your home in Annafeld, at least in part, because you like the diverse feel of the neighborhood. To create this feel, we have to be intentional about placement of colors and exterior styles of the homes. This means that the selections made by your future neighbors may limit your choices for exterior style and color. If all the houses look nearly the same (e.g. white farmhouses), the entire neighborhood loses its character and desirability. That’s not good for anyone. The ideal separation between repeating color schemes is 5 homes. If you know there is a color scheme you’d like within 3 homes of your selected lot, we can work with you to find another color that you’ll love or we can look at changing your home to another lot without the same restraints. Annafeld also has an Architectural Review Committee (ARC) that will have the final approval on selected colors and styles. It is their role to ensure the neighborhood maintains its distinctive feel and historic architecture. Viewing existing homes is a good way to get ideas for exterior color as colors become much more vivid in natural light and on a large scale.

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