Partnering with Homes for HOPE—Building a Better World Together

Partnering with Homes for HOPE—Building a Better World Together

At McCall Homes, our commitment to our community extends far beyond the neighborhoods we build for our homeowners around the Greater Billings and Helena areas. Today, our team is proud to announce our partnership with Homes for HOPE, an organization dedicated to holistic flourishing and breaking the cycle of poverty. 

The mission of Homes for HOPE

Homes for HOPE is more than just a charitable organization; it’s a beacon of hope for families in need. Founded by Jeff Rutt, a builder and philanthropist, Homes for HOPE partners with the building industry to invest in underserved families that live all around the world. The approach that the team at Homes for HOPE have is rooted in sustainability. By having partners that work in the building industry who donate funds generated from domestic building projects, like our team at McCall Homes, they are able to use these donations to support biblically based training, savings services and loans that restore dignity and break the cycle of poverty. By empowering entrepreneurs in underserved communities, the team at Homes for HOPE creates lasting change that continues through generations. 

History of Homes for HOPE

In the early 1990s, Jeff Rutt traveled with his church organization to the city of Zaporizhzhia in Ukraine after the fall of the Soviet Union, bringing medical supplies, food and clothing. The journey of Homes for HOPE began shortly after that with a question posed to him by a Ukrainian pastor: “Isn’t there a way you can help us help ourselves?” Inspired by this challenge, Jeff founded HOPE International in 1997, using profits from his own home sales to issue loans to entrepreneurs in Ukraine. As the impact of these loans became evident, Jeff expanded his vision, calling on fellow builders and industry partners to join him in his mission. Thus, Homes for HOPE was born. 

Since its inception, Homes for HOPE has grown exponentially, empowering over 2.5 million men and women worldwide with opportunities for growth, sustainability and hope. From its humble beginnings in Ukraine to its global reach today, the organization continues to transform lives and communities through the power of partnership and compassion. 

Building a better world

Our team at McCall Homes is honored to play a role in the transformative work of Homes for HOPE, and by working alongside a diverse array of trade partners, we’ve had the privilege of constructing a new home for the organization. What adds an extra layer of significance to this project is the knowledge that this home will be showcased in the 2024 Parade of Homes—an event that celebrates innovation and excellence in home design and construction. Opening the doors of this special home to the public during the Parade of Homes is an opportunity for us to not only showcase our craftsmanship, but also raise awareness about the vital work being done by Homes for HOPE. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the work that Homes for HOPE does or our own work at McCall Homes, give us a call at (406) 719-1330 or fill out our online form today.


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