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Top Interior Design Trends of 2023

Top Interior Design Trends of 2023

McCall Homes Design Trends for 2023

As we get further into the new year it’s exciting to see what interior design trends will be taking center stage in 2023. From bold patterns to natural materials, there are a few top trends that are likely to make an impact on home interiors over the next 12 months—so read to see how you can incorporate some of your favorites into your own McCall Home.

A focus on sustainability

With the environment and our impact on it being a topic of increasing concern, sustainable materials and practices will continue to be a major trend in interior design. Expect to see more natural and organic materials, such as bambook, cork and reclaimed wood being used in furniture and decor. Additionally, energy-efficient lighting and appliances will become even more prevalent as homeowners look to reduce their carbon footprint. 

Bring the outdoors in

Biophilic design is the practice of incorporating natural elements, such as plants, into an indoor environment. This trend is rapidly gaining popularity as it has been shown to improve mental and physical well-being. Expect to see more indoor gardens, green walls and nature-inspired patterns in textiles and wall coverings. 

Textured surfaces

Smooth and shiny surfaces have been popular in recent years, but in 2023 we will see a shift toward textured surfaces. This trend can be seen in materials such as terrazzo, wicker and even corduroy, which will add depth and interest to home interiors. 

Bold patterns and maximalism

While minimalism has been a popular design aesthetic in recent years, it is expected to take a back seat in 2023. Instead, bold patterns, such as geometric shapes and oversized florals will be used to create a sense of drama and energy in home interiors. Maximalism will be at the top of many homeowners minds as we continue into the year, and we’re likely to see rich colors and a mix of textures and materials being used throughout home interiors to create a sense of opulence and luxury. 

Earthy tones

Neutral colors have been a staple in home interiors for many years, but in 2023, we will begin to see a shift toward earthy tones. Expect to see more natural shades of brown, green and beige, as well as a resurgence of warm, rich hues like rust, terracotta and burnt orange. 

Focused spaces

With many people continuing to work from home, the home office is becoming an increasingly important space. Expect to see more emphasis placed on creating comfortable and functional work spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and conducive to productivity. On the other hand, wellness spaces, such as yoga rooms and meditation spaces, are also becoming more prevalent in home interiors. Expect to see more natural light, natural materials and a calming color palette used in these spaces. 

Design your dream interior

While these are just a few interior design trends we expect to make an impact on 2023, the key is to create a space that feels authentic and reflects your own personal style. Whether you’re drawn to bold patterns and rich colors, or if you prefer a more understated and natural aesthetic, there’s a trend out there that will suit your taste. Whether you’re planning a full-scale renovation or simply looking to update a few key pieces, have fun with it, be bold, and let your creativity run wild—your McCall Home will always act as the ideal backdrop for all of your design dreams

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